Energy Transition

Energy Transition: A Multifaceted Challenge for Europe 2016

Since 2012, Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations and the Development Group have organised an annual series of events related to key issues of the Energy Transition towards a low-carbon economy in Europe (see Annex 2). These intense discussions have shown that this multifaceted challenge always requires more in-depth analysis and debate. Therefore, we are going to continue this series of events in 2016 with two Energy Symposia followed by a High-Level Energy Conference in Brussels. 

Thanks to our strong expertise in the field of energy, our close relations with the European energy community, as well as our independence and professionalism, we are ideally placed to satisfy the demand for innovative ideas and provide a forum for debate on European energy policy. We see ourselves as a driving force for initiating political discussions on EU energy and climate policies; bringing together the views of EU decision-makers with those of industry and other energy stakeholders from Brussels and beyond; and providing innovative and practical recommendations to on-going decision-making processes.

In 2016 the European Commission will issue many legislative proposals that aim to give shape to its Energy Union project. The goal of a resilient Energy Union is to transform the EU’s multiple energy markets into regional markets and ultimately a single market that would provide EU consumers with secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy. As this project transforms from a nebulous theory into concrete measures, there is no doubt that it will also gain in complexity. In this context, our 2016 events will address issues that are at the heart of the on-going construction of the Energy Union, namely:

1st Symposium: Boosting European innovation after COP21 – a pre-requisite for a low-carbon future (4 May 2016)

2nd Symposium: How can the EU tap into the building sector’s potential for energy efficiency? (11 October 2016)

High-Level Energy Conference: The impact of the new EU electricity market design: How will the different pieces of the puzzle fit together? (6 December 2016)