Business Development

Recognizing and Taking Opportunities

Our work bridges the gap between innovative products, services and investments on the industry side and expert design and placement of projects vis-à-vis the public sector. Large companies have different needs than medium-sized enterprises. That is why we provide you with customised solutions that are geared to your clients’ individual needs.

Our Services

We advise companies on their business development in our main areas of focus with regard to public institutions and support them with our innovation consulting, e.g. in the diversification of products in order to take advantage of business opportunities in the public sector.

Detailed Market Assessment

We elaborate policy and market studies for various sectors in Germany as well as in other European countries for our clients. Our market assessment and studies focus specifically on your needs, i.e. political, administrative or economic structures as well as sales and competition analyses.

Subsidy Consulting

Within our business-to-administration activities, subsidy consulting is an essential part of our work. We identify and support your funding approaches concerning federal guidelines, state programs and other state aid opportunities - both in the analysis and concept phase and the application and implementation phase. Legal advice is not provided as part of the subsidy advice.

Project Assessment

With our customers, we analyse the opportunities and risks of technological developments and the strategic political prioritisation for public funds or possible regulations that may promote or hinder their development.

Appointment Preparation and Implementation

Successful door opening is often followed by first meetings with stakeholders which aim for the presentation of your concept to the public client, demonstration of your products and technologies in front of decision makers or discussions on individual case decisions with policy makers and administration. We support you in the preparation and implementation of these appointments on site and as a sparring partner in advance.

What Sets Us Apart

We are not aiming for the development unnecessarily elaborated concepts within the framework of unreasonable long-term consultancy contracts. We provide pragmatic support and solutions where they are needed. With our interconnected expertise about political communication, administrative processes and industrial know-how, we offer our clients realistic and comprehensive assessments and recommendations for action from a single source - creating added value, while lowering risks and propagating faster implementation of corporate goals.