Innovation Consulting

Guarantee of Progress: Innovation

In an era of constant change and increasing challenges, innovations are crucial. They are essential not only for the competitiveness of businesses but also for societal progress. Innovation consulting plays a key role by helping companies identify potential, develop transformative strategies, and ensure support from relevant stakeholders. Thus, innovation consulting acts as a driving force for progress, empowering businesses to succeed in a dynamic world and realize their visionary goals.

Our Services

Our innovation consulting is distinguished by comprehensive expertise in sustainable and forward-looking advice, a deep understanding of current market dynamics, and a dedicated team of experts. We offer customized consulting services aimed at understanding your business challenges and developing transformative strategies.

Innovation Management

Our innovation consulting focuses on positioning your company competitively in a dynamic and evolving business environment. To provide you with an overview of various developments and goals, we create a customized innovation roadmap. By analyzing your industry and company structure, we identify key areas for innovation and support the implementation of creative solutions. Precise stakeholder engagement, especially in the public sector, and the placement of competence networks ensure that your innovations are noticed and supported by relevant companies, research institutions, and other interest groups. Our B2A (Business-to-Administration) strategies also maximize the reach of your innovations.

Funding Advisory

Grants are a sensible support for companies and organizations in realizing projects. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of the funding landscape is important. Within our Business-to-Administration activities (B2A), funding advisory regarding federal programs, state programs, and other governmental support options is an essential component - both in analysis and during the application and implementation phase. The funding advisory does not provide legal advice.