Public Affairs

Current Change and New Times

The political change offers new challenges and opportunities for companies in terms of short- and long-term positioning of their own perspective and interests. We support this positioning with our long-standing network and expertise. With more than 20 years of experience we have set out to bridge innovative technology, change-making companies and the public sector. We do this by identifying political developments at an early stage, secure political support at several levels and actively position companies in the right environment of decision-makers and multipliers. This paves the way for political support and investment aids. Our activities focus on the sectors: energy and climate, digitalization, safety and security and industrial settlements.

Our Services

The main focus of our work lies in public affairs services. We advise companies on current political developments in our core expertise, support them in representing their interests and jointly develop concepts for their strategic and political positioning. Key components of our work are:

Political Monitoring

Many political decisions have  direct influence on the business development of companies. In this context, we monitor current political developments at state and federal level, analyse committee minutes, draft legislations, directives, regulations etc. and provide profound recommendations for action.

Stakeholder Identification and Analysis

Just as important as knowledge of political developments is the precise analysis and knowledge of all stakeholders who could affect or  influence a project. According to your objectives, we identify stakeholders and interest groups relevant to the company or project. We analyse these groups with regard to their attitude towards and influence on the planned project. A resulting priority matrix enables us to derive customised recommendations for action for successful agenda setting.

Positioning and Agenda Setting

Based on the analyses and monitoring, we position and promote our clients' topics, interests and products in the political realm at federal, state and municipal level. Targeted and tailored political communication with institutions, multipliers and decision-makers are core elements of our strategy. We also bring people together to exchange experiences and interests in order to create understanding, open up the room for conversations and secure political support.

The interaction of these key components provide an integral contribution for the political support of ideas and projects, which is necessary for policy-making, framework design and implementation of funding guidelines, awarding of public contracts and securing of budgets as well as industrial settlements. Long-term political support is an important driver in sustainable entrepreneurial success.

Event Concept and Organization

Effective advocacy involves setting the agenda early and discussing solutions. We bring people together to exchange experiences, create understanding, optimize processes, and thus expand action spaces. Through background talks, symposia, and high-level conferences, we create new platforms for excahnging opnions an transferring knowledge. Our collaboration with renowned think tanks and partners ensures a consistently appropriate and reliable positioning of your company.