Public Affairs


A further focus of our work is the field of Public Affairs. We consult companies concerning current political developments in our key sectors and the representation of their interests. Key elements of our work are:

Political Monitoring

A multitude of political decisions has a direct influence on the business development of companies. In this context, we monitor current political developments on a regional, national and EU-level, analyse minutes of meetings, draft laws, regulations etc. and give recommendations for concrete measures.

Stakeholder Identifications and Analyses

In addition to the information about political developments, the correct analysis and knowledge of all stakeholders who can influence a project is also crucial. Based on the goals of your company and projects, we identify the relevant stakeholders. These results serve the creation and maintenance of your database. Afterwards, we analyse these groups concerning their attitude towards the proposed project. The resulting priority matrix then allows us to develop tailor-made recommendations.

Independent Platform

An efficient representation of interests consists not least in placing the own topics on the agenda and discussing solutions. We bring people together to exchange experiences, create an understanding, optimise processes and thus expand the scope of their action. Therefore, with regular background discussions, symposia and conferences on economic, environmental and energy topics, we offer a high-level and neutral discussion platform. Furthermore, due to our cooperation with renowned thinks tanks and partners, we can ensure an appropriate and reliable positioning of your company.